Canary Wharf Skies - fine art drawings by Katherine Tyrrell

I have a wonderful view from my home of the sky above Canary Wharf in London.

I delight in the colours and shapes that I see and the fact that the sky and the view changes all the time - from minute to minute, from morning to afternoon to early evening and through the seasons.  

In 2005, I started photographing the pattern of the changes and, as I sorted photos into folders, I found that they looked absolutely amazing when arranged for each month or by time of day.  This created a new twist to my plans for developing drawngs of the skies, as a series recording my home environment.  I began to see new possibilities in terms of how the drawings might be framed or displayed as individual pieces or in groups.  As this series progresses this site will record some of those deliberations - starting with 'the time of day'. 

All the drawings are small works.  The typical size of each piece is 5" x 7"  and (unless otherwise stated) all work is created using artist quality coloured pencil on archival quality paper (Arches Hot Press). 

All images copyright Katherine Tyrrell - all rights reserved