Catnapping - cat drawings by Katherine Tyrrell

Why draw cats: Cats are great for drawing practice.  But they will keep moving - you often see cat studies with lots of cats on the page - and if you have a cat as a life model you need to have a lot of paper!  However, if you wait long enough they start to repeat the poses you had to give up on and catnapping offers just enough time to get something down on paper.

Cat drawings: I've been drawing cats for a long time and currently exhibit with the Society of Feline Artists

All drawings have been done from life, come from various sketchbooks and are of cat-napping - which is my cats' version of 'still life'!

The cats: Chloe and Guinness were my early 'life' model mogs.  Cosmo (a Somali) and Polly (an Abyssinian), seen below as kittens, have been the pedigree subject matter since 2000.