Sketching for Real - a class with assignments

In May 2006, I created and taught "Sketching for Real" as an online sketching class.

The class and assignments have now been revised and updated and are available as
a FREE download below (scroll down).

You can read more about how successful the online class was in my blog posts - see links below.
Scroll down to find individual 'pdf' files of the guidelines issued at the start of the class:

  • Introduction: why do the class; what is a sketch; why sketch; outline of the assignments

  • Assignment 1: So you want to learn how to sketch.............

  • Assignment 2: Sketching the Familiar - from life and outside

  • Assignment 3: Getting out of Your Comfort Zone - Sketching in Public

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You MAY download and print out the information in the files listed on Advice on Sketching - for your private, personal and individual use only subject to keeping the copyright notice attached to the document.

Licensing arrangements

PLEASE NOTE: No licence is granted for commercial use without a written licence.  This means:
  • you may NOT use the material in the files in any workshop which charges a fee.  Teachers may provide a note of the URL ( in any list of websites they provide as useful information.  They may not copy the material.
  • you may NOT use the material in the files to generate an income
  • you may NOT reproduce the material online without my written consent
See 'Making A Mark Publications' for further details

"Sketching for Real" - DOWNLOAD FREE FILES

Making A Mark - Sketching for Real - Introduction v1.2.pdf 215.4KB
Making A Mark - Sketching for Real - Assignment 1 v1.2.pdf 201.1KB
Making A Mark - Sketching for Real - Assignment 2 v1.2.pdf 204.4KB
Making A Mark - Sketching for Real - Assignment 3 v1.2.pdf 189.2KB

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